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Welcome to the heart of career success!

The Training and Placement Department bridges the gap between academia and industry, guiding our students toward a bright and successful future.

What Makes Our Placement Program Stand Out?

  • Our program has a remarkable placement rate, with over 90% of eligible students securing job offers within graduation. This high rate speaks to the quality of our training and the strong demand for our graduates.

  • Our students are hired by top companies like Amazon Web Services, Fractal AI, Deloitte, Societe Generale, Federal Bank, ESAF Bank, TCS, Sutherland, Accenture, and Morgan Stanley. In the last year alone, more than 30 companies from various industries recruited from our institution.

  • Our highest salary package is an impressive INR 26 LPA, with an average of INR 4.7 LPA. This reflects the quality of our students and the value they bring to employers. In 2023- 2024, over 50% of our students received offers with packages exceeding INR 5 LPA, indicating that our graduates are well-positioned for successful careers.

  • We're not just about placements; we're about preparing you for success. Our Personality Development Programs, Company-Specific Training Sessions, and Placement Supportive Programs ensure you're equipped with the skills and confidence you need to excel in your career. Over 80% of our students report significant improvements in communication and teamwork skills after participating in these programs.

  • Our placement program isn't just about getting jobs—it's about building lasting relationships and networks. Over 75% of our graduates stay engaged with the college through alumni events and mentorship programs. These connections provide valuable insights and support to current students, creating a strong sense of community.

  • We work closely with industry partners to ensure our curriculum meets the demands of the modern workplace. In the past year, our collaborations have resulted in over 50 internships and real-world projects for students, giving them invaluable hands-on experience. This approach ensures a smooth transition from academia to corporate life.

  • Our college is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion, creating a rich environment for learning and innovation. Our placement program reflects this commitment by connecting students from all backgrounds with equal opportunities to succeed. Our student body represents over 30 regions and cultures, fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning environment.

Alumni Success Stories from KCW: Over 60 Years of Graduating Women Leaders

             KCW has been a leader in women's education for over 60 years, graduating over 3,000 women each year with a focus on skill development and leadership preparation. Nearly every educated woman in Coimbatore and nearby areas has some connection to KCW. Here are some statistics that highlight the success stories of KCW alumni across various disciplines.

  • Commerce Programme
    • 15% of KCW alumni are financial professionals, including Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Chartered Accountants (CAs), and auditors in leading firms.
    • 12% work in banking and financial services, with roles like bank managers, financial analysts, and investment advisors.
  • Management Programme
    • 10% of KCW alumni have become entrepreneurs, establishing successful businesses and startups across diverse industries.
    • 7% hold top executive positions, such as CEOs, COOs, or CFOs in major corporations.
  • History and Economics Programme
    • 5% of alumni from this program have joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) or hold high-ranking government positions, showcasing their leadership in public service.
  • Science Programme
    • 15% of alumni work in science and technology, with 4% in research and development, 3% as engineers (mechanical, civil, software), 2% in senior roles at major technology companies, 2% with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), and 4% in other scientific roles, such as biotechnologists, chemists, and physicists.
  • Computer Science Programme
    • 10% of KCW alumni pursue careers in computer science, excelling in roles like software developers, IT specialists, and data analysts, contributing to the tech industry's growth.
  • Mathematics Programme
    • 8% of KCW alumni are involved in mathematics, working in research, academia, and roles requiring advanced analytical skills.
  • Food Processing Programme
    • 6% of alumni work in food processing, contributing to various aspects of food technology, quality control, and production.
  • Garment Designing
    • 6% of alumni work in garment designing, covering roles such as fashion designers, textile designers, pattern makers, garment technologists, product developers, and production managers.
  • Costume Design and Fashion
    • 5% of alumni have careers in costume design and fashion, which encompasses positions like costume designers, wardrobe stylists, fashion illustrators, fashion merchandisers, and fashion buyers.
  • Beauty and Wellness
    • 4% of alumni work in the beauty and wellness industry, pursuing careers like cosmetologists, aestheticians, makeup artists, nail technicians, spa managers, and wellness coaches.
  • Middle Management and Leadership
    • 10% of KCW alumni hold middle-management positions, demonstrating strong leadership and organizational skills.
  • Impact Across Industries
    • 25% of KCW alumni hold top positions in various sectors, including healthcare, retail, and non- profits, demonstrating the broad impact of women graduates from KCW.