About Research at KCW

In KCW, research is an integral component of the academic discipline to transform the institution into a research-centric hub that promotes innovation and scholarly excellence. The mission of the Research Council at KCW is to provide an ecosystem that supports research across all disciplines, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and ensuring high-quality output that adheres to international standards. This focused approach has led to the successful completion of over 100 externally sponsored projects, more than 700 peer-reviewed research articles, and 10+ patents, showcasing the institution's dedication to addressing both rural and urban challenges through technological innovation.

The research policy at KCW acts as a comprehensive framework for guiding research activities within the institution. KCW has secured substantial funding from esteemed government bodies such as DST, DBT, DRDO, DSIR, SERB and ICSSR, among others. This support has enabled the establish the Central Instrumentation Facility to facilitate researchers.

Research Areas at KCW:

  • Environmental Conservation and Biodiversity/Water Research (preservation of medicinal plants in the Western Ghats; GIS mapping; seed bank initiatives for plant preservation; development of water purification devices; sustainable water management)
  • Industrial Biotechnology (gene editing techniques for biotechnological advancements; tissue culture methods for plant propagation; utilization of exosomes in drug development research; precision agriculture; bioenergy)
  • Smart Materials, Food and Energy Applications (novel material preparation and characterization; energy storage solutions using polymer materials; nanotechnology advancements in polymer research; preservation techniques)
  • Waste Valorization (enzyme purification for industrial applications; innovative packaging materials for sustainability; nutraceuticals)
  • AI and Digital Transformation (deep learning applications; bioinformatics; natural language processing; data analysis; networking solutions for enhanced connectivity; machine learning integration in AI systems)
  • Business Management and Women Studies (gender-based research; laws for women; development studies for societal progress; exploration of finTech ecosystem for financial innovations; leadership style assessment and strategies; multi-generational workforce)

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