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  • The BBA in Retail Management offers a comprehensive curriculum, delving into retail-specific topics such as Merchandising, Inventory Management, Sourcing & Crisis Management, Retail Analytics, and Consumer Behavior for a holistic education. The program emphasizes entrepreneurial skills, empowering students to explore and capitalize on emerging trends in retail, and fostering a proactive and innovative approach to the industry..

  • Equipped with modern teaching aids such as audio-visual equipment, projectors, and smart boards.
  • Cutting-edge technologies

  • Curriculum - The curriculum is regularly updated to reflect current trends in consumer behavior, industry trends, and market analysis for strategic decision-making. Graduates will be ready for diverse retail roles with practical skills and insights. The tech-infused curriculum ensures graduates are tech- savvy for retail's digital shift.
  • Industry-offered Internship and Projects in tie-up Excel R Solutions
  • Job Oriented Course in tie-up Excel R Solutions on “Digital Marketing”
  • Online Certification
    • Swayam NPTEL
    • ICT Academy
    • Coursera - online learning courses from top universities and industry leaders.

    Employment Rate

    An impressive 85% of our BBA (Retail Management) graduates secure employment within graduation, indicating a strong demand for professionals with retail management expertise.

    Top Job Roles

    Graduates from our BBA (Retail Management) program pursue a variety of roles in the retail industry. Here's a breakdown of the most common job roles and the percentage of alumni in each:

    • Store Manager: 30%
    • Retail Sales Manager: 20%
    • Merchandising Specialist: 15%
    • Inventory Manager: 10%
    • Marketing Coordinator: 10%
    • Other roles (Customer Service Manager, Visual Merchandiser, etc.): 15%

    Industry Distribution

    Our alumni work across various sectors within the retail industry, demonstrating the versatility of the program. Here's the industry distribution for BBA (Retail Management) graduates:

    • Retail Stores and Outlets: 40%
    • E-commerce and Online Retail: 25%
    • Wholesale and Distribution: 15%
    • Manufacturing and Production: 10%
    • Other industries (Consulting, Marketing, etc.): 10%

    Career Progression

    Many of our BBA (Retail Management) graduates achieve career progression quickly, with approximately 25% reaching senior-level or managerial positions within five years of graduation. This rapid advancement reflects the potential for growth in the retail industry.

    Average Starting Salary

    The average starting salary for BBA (Retail Management) graduates is approximately Rs. 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 per annum, with significant salary growth as they gain experience and take on more responsibilities in the retail sector.

    Advanced Degrees and Certifications

    A notable percentage of our graduates pursue advanced degrees or professional certifications to further their careers in retail management. About 20% pursue advanced degrees like an MBA, and 10% earn certifications in areas like Supply Chain Management, Project Management, or Retail Operations.

    Alumni Success Stories

    Our alumni network is extensive and provides valuable career support and mentorship. Many of our alumni have achieved notable success, including:

    • Managing large retail chains and department stores
    • Leading marketing and merchandising teams in major corporations
    • Launching their own successful retail businesses
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