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VOGUE AND STYLE - Fashion Studio is an initiative to develop entrepreneurial skills among students. It was inaugurated on 3rd August 2018 by our chairperson Dr Nandhini Rangaswamy. It was started by 6 students from B.Voc Garment Designing programme with an initial investment of Rs.1, 08,100. The students are given training to set up the business on their own and are guided on all business activities. The team provides services such as innovative style assessments, alteration, stitching, customized designing, and special orders catering to the diverse needs of the customers. The objective is to provide a platform for the students to understand entrepreneurship and to gain knowledge and confidence through experience. The student partners share responsibilities and work equally by maintaining transparency. They are actively involved in doing business through the direct orders and online orders through social media. When the student partners graduate, the new team joins from the next batch and thereby the continuity of business is maintained.


  • To establish our own brand and to become a market leader.
  • To become the most preferred brand in making personalized innovative garments with new designs and ideas which are not available in other retail stores.


  • To provide a pathway for the student to become entrepreneurs.
  • Provide quality work at affordable cost, and to maintain service excellence with a keen focus on designs and innovative ideas.


  • We create designs for saree blouses, ladies tops, Salwar kameez, highly fashioned pattern blouses and bridal blouses.
  • We make personalized costumes and accessories based on orders. Designs are shown in advance. Selected designs will be delivered on time as per number of orders taken.
  • We conduct regular meetings and make the students familiar with submitting monthly reports of the working results. They also submit the Income and Expenditure account and a Balance sheet.


  • To set up a permanent boutique store with different innovative garments and value added services in our campus.
  • Expand our service to the outside customers also.


This project has been undertaken to encourage the students to create innovative garments for the modern world. This project has also been started with the main objective of promoting entrepreneurial skill among students. The students will be given training to set up a business of their own and make them familiar with all business activities like planning for investment, preparation of investment proposal, purchases, sales, maintenance of business records like cash book, preparation of income and expenditure account, etc. It is a mock company so the present third year students and passed out third year students will jointly do business in a systematic manner and report to the supervising committee members at the end of every half year.


Creative designs, low cost and quality products are preferred by college students. We will provide services such as innovative style assessments, alteration, personal shopping, and special orders for the customer during store timings. Innovative style assessments and personalized shopping help women to develop their own unique personal styles.


All the final Year Students of B.Voc Garment Designing and Community College Garment Designing Students will be the working Partners of the Campus Company. Students who are willing to learn the business will be the investing partners. The Surplus or deficit of the mock company shall be shared equally among all the invested members after paying the salary for the work done by members, rent and electricity for the building. The following students were the invested members of the Campus Company for the academic year 2018 – 2019 who were relieved from the campus company at the end of the year by refunding their invested amount.

S.No Invested Members
1 G. Sathya
2 K. Janani keerthana
3 A. Sandhya
4 K. Tahseen
5 S. Gayathri
6 R. DhanuSwetha

The following students were the invested members of  the Campus Company for the academic year 2019 – 2020.

1 N. Srinithi
2 J. Christina
3 R. S. Sukretha
4 M. Swathi
5 S. Sangareswari


  • Secretary – Dr. N. Yesodha Devi
  • Director – Prof S. Balasubramanian
  • Dean – Mrs. G. Kalavathi
  • Committee member – Dr. L. Nithya
  • Advisor – Dr Savitha Nair
  • Head of the department- Dr. R. Radhika
  • Supervisor – Mrs. C. Manimekala
  • Faculty Coordinator- Mrs. Karpagavalli.V.S & Ms. J. Yogalakshmi
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