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Rural Women Technology Park

The Rural Women Technology Park (RWTP), established in 2015, goes beyond the campus to fulfill KCW's mission to empower the underprivileged in our communities. The RWTP, was set up in a land donated by the villagers as a goodwill gesture. Skill training programmes are conducted for rural women with funding from DST for 21 Panchayats across. Based upon the socio economic survey and utilizing local resources, more than ten trades have been identified - Water Purification, Community Nursery, Post-Harvest Technology Based Value Added Products, Multi Millet Biscuits, Banana Fiber Extraction and Value Added Products, Value Added Products (Coir Pot) from Coir Fibre, Value Added Products from Arecanut Leaves (Plates), Bio Briquettes Production and Sanitary Napkin Production, Solar Dehydration, Chocolate Making, Tarrakota Jewel Making, Kitchen Gardening, Hand Art, Tailoring etc. In the year 2021-22, 37 programmes were organized benefiting 849 people. The RWTP is an effective and successful public private partnership model (PPP) that can be emulated by others.

The RWTP centre offers the following

Objectives of MoU

  • PSGRKC to provide appropriate need based Skill training to students, staff and research scholars.
  • PSGRKC to support the college in training, internship and research projects with special emphasis on Agricultural products related activities.
  • PSGRKC to provide to use the RWTP as incubator centre on cost basis.

Utilization of RWTP as Incubator center:

  • Rs 1500 / 4 hrs for the production of bread and millet biscuit and Arecaunut plates.
  • Rs 1000 / 6 hrs for the production of coir pot & sanitary napkins.
  • Required raw materials will provided on cost basis.

Fee for hands on training programme:

  • Rs 100/person/ day.
  • Transport/ Lunch are not included in the fee.
  • Minimum of 20 participants.
  • The Training time 9.30 to 4.00 p.m.


  • This is a non- exclusive MoU and is valid for a period of three years effective from April ,2018 and may be extended further on mutual consent.
  • For the service rendered by RWTP shall be paid based the nature of work and infrastructure and man power utilization for each programme to the service provider.
  • The MoU can be terminated with three months notice on either side.
  • This MoU is executed as two originals and each party is having one for their records.
  • This MoU is governed by and construed in accordance with Indian Laws.

List of Institutions Signed MoU’s

  • Sree Saraswathy Thiyagaraja College ,Pollachi
  • VLB Janakiammal College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore
  • Nandha Arts and Science College, Erode
  • Vellalar College for Women, Erode.
  • SMS College of Arts and Science
  • Sankara College of Science and commerce
  • Erode Arts and Science College
  • Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Science
  • Kamalam College of Arts Science

No. of. Members trained for the year(2018-19) - 1344 members

No. of. Members trained for the year (2019 – 20) - 857 members

No. of. Members trained for the year (2020 - 21) - 849 members

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