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Department of Commerce – B.Com (e-Commerce)

  • This unique programme empowers the students to acquire a holistic grasp of the e-commerce terrain, business models, and technologies associated with diverse industries. It also prepares them for professional pursuits like CA, ICWA, ACS, or other postgraduate programmes in Commerce and Management. The curriculum anticipates future global trends while instilling traditional values, aligning with scientific advancements, and emphasizing moral and social responsibility.

  • The classrooms boast modern audio-visual aids ensuring an immersive and effective learning environment. Specialised computer labs, equipped with high-speed processors, ample memory, and a suite of advanced software including Java, Python, SQL, Oracle, Statistical Analysis Tools (SPSS, R), and Business Application suites such as SAP and Tally Prime. These resources aim to provide the students with a comprehensive technological environment that facilitates academic excellence.

  • Curriculum - The curriculum delves into the realities and implications of e-commerce, fostering continual learning in the dynamic e-commerce environment. The students learn the theoretical concepts of e-commerce alongside real-world knowledge in the e-commerce market. The course trains and develops students in areas such as e-business and related e-trade activities, covering basics like Accounting and Business Management, and advancing to studies in Programming and Technology. Practical skills in Python, R programming, Database Management, HTML, and Tally Prime are acquired, guided by the industry experts of these fields.
  • Job Oriented Courses - TALLY.
  • Online Certification
    • Swayam NPTEL
    • ICT Academy
    • Coursera - online learning courses from top universities and industry leaders.

    Employment Rate

    An impressive 85% of our B.Com in E-Commerce graduates secure employment within a few months of graduation. This high rate reflects the increasing demand for professionals with skills in online business, digital marketing, and e-commerce technology.

    Top Job Roles

    Our alumni in B.Com in E-Commerce find roles in diverse positions across the e-commerce and digital business spectrum. Here's a breakdown of the most common job roles for our graduates:

    • E-Commerce Specialist: 30%
    • Digital Marketing Analyst: 20%
    • Web Developer: 15%
    • Product Manager: 10%
    • Customer Experience Manager: 10%
    • Other roles (including Sales, Operations, etc.): 15%

    These roles demonstrate the wide range of opportunities available to B.Com in E-Commerce graduates, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of e-commerce.

    Industry Distribution

    Our B.Com in E-Commerce alumni work in a variety of industries, illustrating the flexibility and broad applicability of the degree. Here's the industry distribution for our graduates:

    • E-Commerce and Online Retail: 40%
    • Technology and Software: 20%
    • Consulting and Advisory: 15%
    • Financial Services: 10%
    • Other industries (such as Manufacturing, Education, etc.): 15%

    This industry distribution shows that B.Com in E-Commerce graduates are valued across many sectors, from technology and finance to consulting and retail.

    Career Progression

    Our B.Com in E-Commerce graduates often experience rapid career progression. About 30% of them reach senior-level or managerial positions within five years of graduation, indicating the upward mobility potential in the e-commerce sector.

    Average Starting Salary

    The average starting salary for B.Com in E-Commerce graduates is Rs. 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 per annum, with strong potential for growth as they gain experience and move into specialized roles. This competitive salary reflects the demand for e-commerce skills and expertise.

    Advanced Degrees and Certifications

    Many B.Com in E-Commerce graduates pursue additional education and professional certifications to enhance their career prospects:

    Advanced Degrees:

    Professional Certifications: : Approximately 15% earn certifications like Google Analytics, Certified E-Commerce Consultant (CEC), or Project Management Professional (PMP), which can boost career opportunities in e-commerce.

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