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  • Launched in 2016, the Costume Design and Fashion program is skill-focused and designed to foster creativity and entrepreneurial skills among students.
  • The program encompasses textile and fashion-related subjects, combining theoretical knowledge with practical applications in fashion design.
  • It offers a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and industrial knowledge to prepare students for a successful career in the growing field of design.
  • The curriculum focuses on key areas such as apparel and textile design, technology integration, portfolio development, and industry-relevant coursework.
  • By integrating fashion and textile design skills, the program equips students to succeed in various roles within the fashion industry.

  • Well-equipped laboratories and classrooms
  • A Gallery and mini ramp with integrated lighting and sound effects
  • The Centre of Excellence for Apparel Madeups and Home Furnishing provides advanced machinery and technology

  • Curriculum
    • Industry professionals are involved in curriculum design, industrial visits, placement, entrepreneurship development programs, faculty development programs, and business startups. Industry experts are also invited to serve as guest speakers for lectures, seminars, workshops, and as judges for fashion shows and other events.
  • Industry-offered Internship and Projects
    • 26 Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) have been established with leading industries and academic institutions to offer students opportunities for internships, training, and job placement.
  • Value-Added Courses / JoC
    • In 2014, a Community College in Garment Designing was established as part of the University Grants Commission (UGC)'s skill-based education scheme. This program offers two courses: Diploma in Garment Designing and Advanced Diploma in Garment Designing. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to become successful entrepreneurs in the garment industry.
    • One Year Certificate course on “Event Management and Wedding Planning”. This course is tied up with Mark1 communication institute and certified by EEMA (Event & Entertainment Management Association) the Apex body of Event Industry.
  • Online Certification
    • Swayam NPTEL
    • ICT Academy
    • Coursera - online learning courses from top universities and industry leaders

    Employment Rate

    • An impressive 85% of our graduates secure employment within graduation, reflecting the demand for skilled professionals in costume design, fashion design, and related areas.

    Top Job Roles

    • Graduates from our B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion program are well-represented in various positions within the fashion industry. Here is a breakdown of the most common roles and the percentage of alumni in each:
      • Fashion Designer: 30%
      • Costume Designer: 20%
      • Fashion Stylist: 15%
      • Fashion Illustrator: 10%
      • Merchandising Specialist: 10%
      • Other roles (Pattern Maker, Fashion Buyer, etc.): 15%

    Industry Distribution

    • Our alumni work across a range of fashion-related industries, demonstrating the versatility of the B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion program. Here's the industry distribution for our graduates:
      • Fashion Design and Production: 40%
      • Retail and Merchandising: 20%
      • Entertainment and Costume Design: 15%
      • Fashion Media and Marketing: 10%
      • Other industries (Education, Textile Manufacturing, etc.): 15%

    Career Progression

    • Many of our graduates achieve career progression at a rapid pace. Approximately 25% reach senior-level or leadership positions within five years of graduation, indicating strong upward mobility in the fashion industry.

    Average Starting Salary

    • The average starting salary for B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion graduates is approximately $45,000 per year, with opportunities for salary growth as they gain experience and specialize in their roles.

    Advanced Degrees and Certifications

    • Some of our graduates pursue advanced degrees or specialized certifications to enhance their career prospects. About 20% pursue advanced degrees in Fashion Design or Costume Design, and 15% earn certifications in areas like textile design, fashion management, or visual merchandising.

    Alumni Success Stories

    • Our alumni network is extensive and offers valuable support to current students. Many of our alumni have achieved notable success, including:
      • Designing costumes for major film and theater productions
      • Leading fashion design teams in renowned fashion houses
      • Launching their own fashion brands or design studios
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