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  • Established in 1968, this program offers a comprehensive exploration of India's rich history, encompassing Ancient, Medieval, and Modern periods.
  • The curriculum integrates global history, providing an unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge.
  • The program includes skill-based courses such as Tourism and Archaeology alongside core courses, enhancing practical knowledge and career readiness.
  • Students gain insights into socio-economic and political formations and the structural changes that have occurred over time.
  • This holistic approach allows students to understand the broader context of history and its impact on contemporary society.
    • Our Classrooms transcend physical boundaries, blending the best of in-person interaction with the flexibility of virtual learning. Virtual field trips, Extensive Digital Archives, Tech-infused spaces bring History to life.

    • Curriculum - The Department of History offers an inclusive curriculum of past and present studies, Political Science, covering the co-dependency of morality with History of freedom fighters embedding their sacrifice for the society in the hearts of the pupils.
    • The syllabus includes diverse courses such as the Origin and Evolution of Art and Architecture, Indian Geography, Indian Culture and Heritage, Human Rights, Regional History, Tourism which are enhanced by Virtuosos. The syllabus provides a strong foundation for aspirants aiming for UPSC/State Public Service Examination and other competitive examinations.
    • The History Programme plunges its pupils into the depths of human experience, from the intricate political webs of medieval dynasties to the groundbreaking discoveries of scientific revolutions. It allows students to immerse themselves in diverse historical narratives and cultivates a cross cultural appreciation, fostering a holistic approach to historical studies.
    • Acclaimed for their diverse expertise, the faculty members of History Department bring the full scope of human history to life. From ancient civilizations to contemporary movements, their dedication cultivates a dynamic learning environment that fosters critical thinking and intellectual engagement.
    • Value Added Course/Job Oriented Course
      • Civil Service Coaching
      • Tourism and Travel Management in tie up with The Classic Tours and Travels.
    • Online Certification
      • Swayam NPTEL
      • NASSCOM
      • ICT Academy
      • Coursera - online learning courses from top universities and industry leaders

      Employment Rate

      Within graduation, an impressive 75% of our BA History graduates find employment, reflecting the value of historical knowledge and skills in various sectors.

      Top Job Roles

      Graduates from our BA History program pursue a range of roles across different industries. Here's a breakdown of the most common job roles and the percentage of alumni in each:

      • History Teacher/Instructor: 25%
      • Archivist/Librarian: 20%
      • Museum Curator: 15%
      • Research Analyst: 10%
      • Policy Advisor: 10%
      • Other roles (Journalist, Writer, etc.): 20%

      Industry Distribution

      Our alumni work across various industries, illustrating the versatility of a history degree. Here's the industry distribution for BA History graduates::

      • Education and Teaching: 30%
      • Museums and Archives: 20%
      • Media and Publishing: 15%
      • Government and Public Policy: 15%
      • Other industries (Non-profits, Consulting, etc.): 20%

      Career Progression

      Many of our BA History graduates achieve career progression quickly. Approximately 25% reach senior-level or managerial positions within five years of graduation, indicating strong upward mobility in history-related roles.

      Average Starting Salary

      The average starting salary for BA History graduates is approximately Rs. 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 per annum, with opportunities for salary growth as they gain experience and specialize in specific roles.

      Advanced Degrees and Certifications

      A significant percentage of our graduates pursue advanced degrees or certifications to further their careers in history or related fields. About 25% pursue advanced degrees such as a Master's in History, Public Administration, or related disciplines, and 10% earn certifications in areas like Museum Studies or Archival Science.

      Alumni Success Stories

      Our alumni network provides valuable support for career development and networking. Many of our alumni have achieved notable success, including :

      • Becoming prominent historians or researchers
      • Serving as advisors or analysts in government Sectors
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