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  • The programme stands out for its commitment to a diverse exploration of literature, spanning various genres, periods, and cultures with a focus on classic, contemporary and global literary perspectives to enrich the literary experience.

  • The department has a well-stocked Library featuring 4,876 books, complemented by an additional 10,863 books and 5 journals in the General Library.
  • Language Lab equipped with updated software (LADY HAWK) designed for Language Proficiency and Literature Courses.
  • Our facilities also include technologically advanced smart classrooms to intensify the learning experience.

  • Curriculum - The curriculum offers Regional and Global literatures from the Renaissance to the present day and explores the relationship between Literature and the environment. It also fosters analytical and critical research skills for individual projects. Students gain hands-on training in Advanced English Teaching Methodology.
  • International Certifications
    • German Language A1 Level Certification Course
    • Cambridge Exam - Lingua Skills
  • Skill Development Courses
    • Photo Journalism and Film Criticism & Online Courses
  • Training for Competitive Exams
    • TNPSC and UPSC
  • Online Certification
    • Swayam NPTEL
    • Coursera - online learning courses from top universities and industry leaders
  • International Study Abroad Opportunities
    • Swinburne University, Australia
    • Oregon State University, USA
    • San Diego State University, USA
    • Cetys University, Mexico Nottingham Trent University, UK.

    Employment Rate

    An impressive 80% of our BA English graduates find employment within graduation, indicating a strong demand for professionals with skills in communication, analysis, and creativity.

    Top Job Roles

    Graduates from our BA English program pursue a wide variety of roles in different fields. Here's a breakdown of the most common job roles and the percentage of alumni in each:

    • Content Writer/Editor: 25%.
    • Teacher/Instructor: 20%
    • Public Relations Specialist: 15%
    • Marketing Coordinator: 10%
    • Technical Writer: 10%
    • Other roles (Journalist, Copywriter, etc.): 20%

    Industry Distribution

    Our alumni work in a range of industries, illustrating the versatility of an English degree. Here's the industry distribution for BA English graduates:

    • Education and Teaching: 30%.
    • Media and Publishing: 25%
    • Public Relations and Communications: 20%
    • Marketing and Advertising: 15%
    • Other industries (Non-profits, Freelancing, etc.): 10%

    Average Starting Salary

    The average starting salary for BA English graduates is approximately Rs. 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 per annum, with opportunities for significant salary growth as they gain experience and specialize in specific roles.

    Advanced Degrees and Certifications

    A considerable percentage of our graduates pursue advanced degrees or certifications to further their careers in English or related fields. About 20% pursue advanced degrees such as a Master's in English, Literature, or Creative Writing, and 10% earn certifications in related areas like Digital Marketing or Technical Writing.

    Alumni Success Stories

    Our alumni network provides a platform for career support and mentorship. Many of our alumni have achieved notable success, including:

    • Becoming published authors or poets.
    • Holding prominent positions in marketing and communication firms
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